A Street Performer’s Guide to Being a Messeger of Jesus Christ

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“Philip Shorey is a street performer and evangelist. Along with his wife Sari, they are the directors of “The Suitcase Sideshow“, a traveling marionette theater that brings a message of hope and love to the far corners of the world. Their shows explore the human condition and spiritual questions pertaining to faith in Jesus, and the theater works under a non-profit, so that it can act as a gift for those seeking change in their lives…”

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“I started writing it as one book about the 100 years of puppet history in my family – of using puppets to share the Gospel. Then I was going to put all this Kill Your Art stuff at the end, as an appendix. However, I realized the material was for two different audiences: the puppet stories could be for anybody, but Kill Your Art was more specifically for ministry-minded people…”

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Art & Faith Conversations EP #11

Are You Willing to Kill Your Art?

with Philip Shorey


Philip’s passion for street storytelling is intriguing, lively and otherworldly. His desire to see Jesus made famous—in places and to people who likely will never hear the gospel story as he is gifted to tell it—is refreshing of the tallest order. This book is a powerful resource to any artistically-wired follower of Jesus seeking to engage culture way outside the four walls of church. Any artist willing to kill their art is ultimately the hero for recognizing gift is never higher than giver. God doesn’t need more gifted creatives to show off skill, He’s seeking a generation willing to surrender everything (including the very gift they’ve been given). Philip qualifies as dangerous soul with a sharp message.”

– Chad Johnson Founder of Come&Live! and former A&R of Tooth and Nail Records.

Philip Shorey has poured out his soul into this debut book! Because Philip is an artist in every sense of the word his ministry style is creative and out-of-the box. I am so grateful that Philip took the time to skillfully guide and prepare others with his stories of Christ-like pursuit and trial and error shepherding. The lessons Philip has learned are truly stirring and will leave all who read them (left and right brained alike) inspired to use every gift at hand for the time is NOW!

– Leanor Inez Ortega Till Saxophonist of Five Iron Frenzy and urban shepherdess to a wandering flock of believers and seekers.

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A Street Performer’s Guide to Being a Messeger of Jesus Christ

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Curse of the Vampire

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Travelogues of a Family Sideshow

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